European Patent Convention
Rule 92
Requirements of the request

(1)119 The request for limitation or revocation of a European patent shall be filed in writing in one of the official languages of the European Patent Office. It may also be filed in an official language of a Contracting State, provided that a translation is filed in one of the official languages of the European Patent Office within the period specified in Rule 6, paragraph 2Part III of the Implementing Regulations shall apply mutatis mutandis to documents filed in limitation or revocation proceedings.

(2)The request shall contain:

(a)particulars of the proprietor of the European patent making the request (the requester) as provided in Rule 41, paragraph 2(c), and an indication of the Contracting States for which the requester is the proprietor of the patent;

(b)the number of the patent whose limitation or revocation is requested, and a list of the Contracting States in which the patent has taken effect;

(c)where appropriate, the names and addresses of the proprietors of the patent for those Contracting States in which the requester is not the proprietor of the patent, and evidence that the requester is entitled to act on their behalf in the proceedings;

(d)where limitation of the patent is requested, the complete version of the amended claims and, as the case may be, of the amended description and drawings;

(e)where the requester has appointed a representative, particulars as provided in Rule 41, paragraph 2(d).

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