We at Plevan Ltd offer our clients a wide range of legal services in the field of prosecution, litigation, and commercialization of intellectual property rights. Our key practice areas are  international and national patent, trademark, and design rights.

With our team of U.S., European, and German patent attorneys, we offer representation before the following intellectual property organizations:

  • World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO,
  • United States Patent and Trademark Office USPTO,
  • European Patent Office EPO,
  • European Union Intellectual Property Office EUIPO,
  • United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office UKIPO, and
  • German Patent and Trademark Office GPTO.

Our attorneys litigate intellectual property matters before federal and state U.S. courts, before federal patent and supreme courts in Germany, and before the Unified Patent Court UPC.

We also offer legal services in the field of licenses, copyrights, and business law for the U.S. jurisdictions Florida and Texas.

In addition, we offer ancillary services for intellectual property rights such as translations, office and renewal fee payments, searches, and figure renderings.

Our Service Principles

For all our services rendered, we strictly adhere to our service principles:

  1. Client First: We strive for perfection, optimize for efficiency, and focus on the result.
  2. Transparency: We make pricing and invoicing as transparent and predictable as possible for you.
  3. Convenience: We aim to adapt to your needs. Not only in substantive matters, but also in terms of languages, cultural sensitivities, and adherence to your best practices. That includes your preferred means of communication, languages, currencies, payment options, and other culture- and organization-related preferences.

Discover Our Services

Explore the range of services we offer by clicking through the detailed descriptions linked below. For personalized assistance and consultations, don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert team.

We are dedicated to safeguarding your intellectual assets. By doing so, we ensure that you

Stand Out With Outstanding IP.

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German Patent Attorney

European Patent Attorney

UPC Representative


  • Patent prosecution
  • Patent litigation
  • Freedom-To-Operate
  • Standard essentiality
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  • Trademark prosecution
  • Trademark litigation
  • Trademark surveillance
  • Trademark searches
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  • Design prosecution
  • Design litigation
  • Design searches
  • Freedom-To-Operate
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  • Translations
  • Office fee payments
  • Renewal fee payments
  • Figure rendering
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