European Patent Convention
Rule 88

(1)The apportionment of costs shall be dealt with in the decision on the opposition. Such apportionment shall only take into consideration the expenses necessary to assure proper protection of the rights involved. The costs shall include the remuneration of the representatives of the parties.

(2)The Opposition Division shall, on request, fix the amount of costs to be paid under a final decision apportioning them. A bill of costs, with supporting evidence, shall be attached to the request. Costs may be fixed once their credibility is established.

(3)A request for a decision by the Opposition Division may be filed within one month of the communication on the fixing of costs under Paragraph 2. The request shall be filed in writing and state the grounds on which it is based. It shall not be deemed to be filed until the prescribed fee has been paid.

(4)The Opposition Division shall decide on the request under Paragraph 3 without oral proceedings.

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