European Patent Convention
Rule 143
Entries in the European Patent Register

(1)The European Patent Register shall contain the following entries:

(a)number of the European patent application;

(b)date of filing of the application;

(c)title of the invention;

(d)classification symbols assigned to the application;

(e)the Contracting States designated;

(f)particulars of the applicant for or proprietor of the patent as provided in Rule 41, paragraph 2(c);

(g)164 family name, given names and country and place of residence of the inventor designated by the applicant for or proprietor of the patent, unless he has waived his right to be mentioned under Rule 20, paragraph 1;

(h)particulars of the representative of the applicant for or proprietor of the patent as provided in Rule 41, paragraph 2(d); in the case of several representatives only the particulars of the representative first named, followed by the words “and others” and, in the case of an association referred to in Rule 152, paragraph 11, only the name and address of the association;

(i)priority data (date, State and file number of the previous application);

(j)in the event of a division of the application, the numbers of all the divisional applications;

(k)in the case of a divisional application or a new application under Article 61, paragraph 1(b), the information referred to in sub-paragraphs (a)(b) and (i) with regard to the earlier application;

(l)date of publication of the application and, where appropriate, date of the separate publication of the European search report;

(m)date of filing of the request for examination;

(n)date on which the application is refused, withdrawn or deemed to be withdrawn;

(o)date of publication of the mention of the grant of the European patent;

(p)date of lapse of the European patent in a Contracting State during the opposition period and, where appropriate, pending a final decision on opposition;

(q)date of filing opposition;

(r)date and purport of the decision on opposition;

(s)dates of stay and resumption of proceedings in the cases referred to in Rules 14 and 78;

(t)dates of interruption and resumption of proceedings in the case referred to in Rule 142;

(u)date of re-establishment of rights where an entry has been made under sub-paragraphs (n) or (r);

(v)the filing of a request for conversion under Article 135, paragraph 3;

(w)rights and transfer of such rights relating to an application or a European patent where these Implementing Regulations provide that they shall be recorded.

(x)date and purport of the decision on the request for limitation or revocation of the European patent;

(y)date and purport of the decision of the Enlarged Board of Appeal on the petition for review.

(2)165 The President of the European Patent Office may decide that entries other than those referred to in Paragraph 1 shall be made in the European Patent Register.

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