European Patent Convention
Rule 71
Examination procedure

(1)In any communication under Article 94, paragraph 3, the Examining Division shall, where appropriate, invite the applicant to correct any deficiencies noted and to amend the description, claims and drawings within a period to be specified.

(2)Any communication under Article 94, paragraph 3, shall contain a reasoned statement covering, where appropriate, all the grounds against the grant of the European patent.

(3)102 Before the Examining Division decides to grant the European patent, it shall inform the applicant of the text in which it intends to grant it and of the related bibliographic data. In this communication the Examining Division shall invite the applicant to pay the fee for grant and publishing and to file a translation of the claims in the two official languages of the European Patent Office other than the language of the proceedings within four months.

(4)If the European patent application in the text intended for grant comprises more than fifteen claims, the Examining Division shall invite the applicant to pay claims fees in respect of the sixteenth and each subsequent claim within the period under Paragraph 3 unless the said fees have already been paid under Rule 45 or Rule 162.

(5)If the applicant, within the period laid down in Paragraph 3, pays the fees under Paragraph 3 and, where applicable, Paragraph 4 and files the translations under Paragraph 3, he shall be deemed to have approved the text communicated to him under Paragraph 3 and verified the bibliographic data.

(6)If the applicant, within the period under Paragraph 3, requests reasoned amendments or corrections to the communicated text or keeps to the latest text submitted by him, the Examining Division shall issue a new communication under Paragraph 3 if it gives its consent; otherwise it shall resume the examination proceedings.

(7)If the fee for grant and publishing or the claims fees are not paid in due time, or if the translations are not filed in due time, the European patent application shall be deemed to be withdrawn.

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