European Patent Convention
Rule 68
Form of the publication of European patent applications and European search reports

(1)The publication of the European patent application shall contain the description, the claims and any drawings as filed, and the abstract, or, if these documents making up the application were not filed in an official language of the European Patent Office, a translation in the language of the proceedings, and, in an annex, the European search report, where it is available before the termination of the technical preparations for publication. If the search report or the abstract is not published at the same time as the application, it shall be published separately.

(2)The President of the European Patent Office shall determine the form of the publication of the application and the data to be included. The same shall apply where the European search report and the abstract are published separately.

(3)The designated Contracting States shall be indicated in the published application.

(4)94 If the claims were not filed on the date of filing of the application, this shall be indicated when the application is published. If, before the termination of the technical preparations for publication of the application, the claims have been amended under Rule 137, paragraph 2, the new or amended claims shall be included in the publication in addition to the claims as filed.

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