Welcome to our tools!

We believe in transparency and accessibility. That is why we at Plevan Ltd continuously invest in the development of software that allows our clients and the public to get instant information.

We are constantly improving our tool set. In the course of the next 12 months, we aim to finalize the following tools:

  1. Patents: Regional EP phase entry fee calculator
  2. Patents: UPC vs national validation fee calculator
  3. Trademarks: Madrid vs. National filing fee calculator
  4. Designs: Filing fee calculator

Is there any other tool you’d like us to develop? Feel free to reach out to us.


Our tools provide exemplary, cursory, and non-binding information. Information presented by our tools may be

  1. outdated,
  2. incomplete,
  3. based on assumptions (this is always the case!),
  4. wrong for other reasons.

These tools are not used in the process of our legal work and shall not be used for such. Do not make legal decisions based on information provided by our legal tools alone. We are not liable for any harm caused based on the use of our tools.

For legal matters, always seek professional legal advice.

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