European Patent Convention
Article 36
Weighting of votes

(1)In respect of the adoption or amendment of the Rules relating to Fees and, if the financial contribution to be made by the Contracting States would thereby be increased, the adoption of the budget of the Organisation and of any amending or supplementary budget, any Contracting State may require, following a first ballot in which each Contracting State shall have one vote, and whatever the result of this ballot, that a second ballot be taken immediately, in which votes shall be given to the States in accordance with paragraph 2. The decision shall be determined by the result of this second ballot.

(2)The number of votes that each Contracting State shall have in the second ballot shall be calculated as follows:

(a)the percentage obtained for each Contracting State in respect of the scale for the special financial contributions, pursuant to Article 40, paragraphs 3 and 4, shall be multiplied by the number of Contracting States and divided by five;

(b)the number of votes thus given shall be rounded upwards to the next whole number;

(c)five additional votes shall be added to this number;

(d)nevertheless, no Contracting State shall have more than 30 votes.

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